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VA identity theft, arrest & solutions VA identity theft, arrest & solutions

VA identity theft, arrest & solutions

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VA identity theft, arrest & solutions

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VA identity theft, arrest & solutions

September 3, 2019 by Terry Kohler

Another military connected identity theft issue just hit the news 1 August 2019. Back in 2006 I received a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is almost 2 years after I enrolled in the identity theft premier program tied in with the nationwide legal plan coverage that has saved my family thousands of dollars.

This morning I wake up to news of another incident of military members information used in identity theft. After 15 years of having the best choice in complete identity theft restoration and affordable access to my rights, I am still at peace, knowing my good name is protected. Team Veteran’s recommendation and funny/serious commercials access is at the bottom of this posting.

Here’s part of the news shared at Sun Journal in NC …

The Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Justice (DOJ) notified the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of an identity theft investigation and arrest of a former DoD Army civilian employee and his co-conspirators, related to the stealing of personal information of thousands of military and Veteran personnel. The employee took unauthorized photos from DoD Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) electronic health records. Based on this personal information from AHLTA, these individuals created fraudulent DS Logon accounts, impersonating Veterans to gain access to their VA eBenefits and MyHealtheVet account information, accessed personal financial or banking information, and, in a minority of cases (20), redirected their VA payments. From what we understand, this theft was limited to financial information and did not include personal health information.

VA is working closely with DoD and DOJ to identify veterans who are impacted by this identity theft and will send notification letters via mail. This letter will notify those impacted that DoD will offer free credit monitoring services. Anyone who believes their personal financial information has been compromised by this identity theft should report this loss at the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website.

Although this does not directly affect the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), anyone who interacts with veterans and their families may be asked about this incident. If you receive any questions from veterans and their families who are concerned about being one of the people impacted, please direct those individuals to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Special Issue Hotline at 1-800-749-8387 and select Option 1 to speak with a special benefits counselor.

Our team members at Team Veteran have been members of what we feel is the 800-lb gorilla for the best identity theft and legal access solutions for 9-15 years. Through our non-profit we arranged a Team Veteran member discounted rate, with no contract (they truly do earn our member’s business), and we can connect you with the URL to start your protection now.

Request the info to learn more and get your discounts. We can also show you how you can have access to your legal rights and protect your identity by keeping extra money in your bank account.

Blue Water Navy offers members additional benefits

July 24, 2015 by Terry Kohler

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association offers to its membership base LegalShield and IDShield to handle trivial and traumatic legal and identity theft issues.  This action allows those without Wills, Physicians Directives, Durable Power of Attorney to get those tools in place (as its known that 7 out of every 10 Americans do not have these valuable documents). A LegalShield plan can help with all sorts of planned and unplanned legal issues such as traffic tickets, foreclosures, warranty disputes and much more.Blue Water Navy & LS screen shot

Identity theft effects millions of Americans and children are 51 times more likely to be a victim each year. Victims of identity theft can face issues such as lost job opportunities, problems with securing a loan or harassment from debt collectors. You can get the experts on your side with IDShield. Services include access to your credit report (or consumer credit disclosure), consultations, expert restoration and more.

Team Veteran makes a donation to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association for every membership that is activated.  See our Mission page to learn more.

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