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SUICIDE OUTRAGE – Since 2001 180,742+/- Veterans have died by suicide.

Another Veteran will die by suicide in 20 minutes 56 seconds.
Total this year 37963 have died by suicide.

CALL TO ACTION: What will you do to help create sustainable funding to support vetted Veteran charities nationwide?

Please contact Team Veteran to see how you can help create the funds needed to stop this Outrage!

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The following video links [also on our video page] contain important information regarding one of the leading causes for death by suicide:

Colonel Bart Billings - Stop Labeling and Drugging Our Troops

Colonel Bart Billings: Stop Labeling & Drugging Our Troops

Mikal Vega with Non-Drug Solutions for Vets

Mikal Vega with Non-Drug Solutions for Vets

Veterans and LionIn photo: “23 American Veterans Commit Suicide Everyday. No One Cares. 1 Lion Gets Killed And The Country Is In An Uproar.

When I started Team Veteran the suicide rate was 16 Veterans a day, then it went to 18 per day and now it is 22 to 30 per day and still the suicide rate climbs.

(Side note: TVet believes the phrase “…Veterans Commit Suicide…” needs to be addressed as Veterans Die By Suicide)

For the last four or five years I have been very confused and shocked why more people didn’t ask the question “What can I do to help stop the Veteran suicide rate?” Or something similar.

The comments I read on Facebook regarding this photo were disgusting in my opinion, they told me why people just don’t care about Veteran suicide. Maybe people are just Ignorant of the facts, or MAYBE they’re just ignorant. I have been involved with over 30 active duty or Veteran suicides and I never met a coward or a selfish person of those 30. Let me shine a little light to some of the causes for Veteran suicide.

John said:  “Taking your own life is a personal choice. The lion did not have that choice!”

John said:  “If the statistics on that sign the man is holding are true, we would have over 8000 suicides a year. There will be no …” – Read More

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