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Fallen 1st Responders Fallen 1st Responders

Fallen 1st Responders

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Fallen 1st Responders

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I was doing some part time work on a project at a big box warehouse in South Jordan Utah in early November 2014 and met the widow of a fallen firefighter.  After visiting a moment, she said that she struggles with 5 children on how she’ll survive and indicated she doesn’t know where to turn for help.  After briefly explaining what Team Veteran does, she mentioned that her husband was also a Veteran.  He served his country and gave his all serving his community. ~ Terry Kohler, Team Veteran

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1st Responders put their lives on the line for others, willing to sacrifice their life, just like our military members. Though volunteering is dwindling, there are many VOLUNTEER firefighters across our nation, with NO major financial support for those they may leave behind. As in our main mission we donate 33% of our revenue for Veterans, Team Veteran can also help the families of our Fallen 1st Responders by donating an additional 17% creating a sustainable funding source for your group’s mission. The families left behind have financial and family matters they struggle with, as well as the children’s education and spouse’ needs.HonoringOurFallenHeroesAndTheirFamilies

The Fireman’s Prayer

When I am called to duty God,
Where-ever flames may rage,
Give me strength to save some life,
What ever be it’s age.

Help me embrace a little child,
Before it is too late,
Or save an older person from
The horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert and to hear the
weakest shout,
And quickly and efficiently,
To put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and
To give the best in me,
To guard my every neighbour and
Protect his property.

And if according to my fate,
I am to lose my life,
Please bless with your protective hand,
My children and my wife.


The Fireman’s Wifes Prayer

The table’s set, the meal’s prepared, our guests will soon arrive.
My husband once more disappears with a hope of keeping a child alive.
While waiting at home alone, our plans having gone awry
My first impulse is merely to sit right down and cry.
But soon again I realize the importance of my life
When I agreed to take on the duties of being a fireman’s wife.
While there are many drawbacks, I’ll take them in my stride,
Knowing “My Daddy saved a life” our children can say with pride.
The gusting winds and raging flames may be his final fate.
But with God’s help I can remain my fireman’s faithful mate.


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