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Are fund raisers abusing Veterans? Are fund raisers abusing Veterans?

Are fund raisers abusing Veterans?

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Are fund raisers abusing Veterans?

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Are fund raisers abusing Veterans?

December 22, 2015 by Terry Kohler

Those who understand the ‘How’ of Team Veteran’s mission, know that TVet does not solicit nor accept ‘Other People’s Money’ (OPM). 100% of the donations Team Veteran creates come from our profits from the sale of LegalShield and IDShield and goes directly to vetted charities who support Veterans, POW/MIAs, First-Responders and their families.

The video below demonstrates the reason why TVet’s program for creating funds is so critically needed; as you will see the arena of fund raising has become such a self-serving facet of charitable contributions.

Stated by someone with user name UnitedForThePeople, Feb 2015,

“I’m a veteran… started a non profit… Often I have to come out of my own pocket… I can see why other organizations will take an 80/20 split…”

If you believe that 20 cents on the dollar is reasonable use of OPM meant to help Veterans, then look in the mirror because you ARE the reason 22-30 Veterans are dying by suicide daily.

These companies who solicit donations on behalf of Veteran charities and then keep a major portion of the donations are parasites feeding off the Veterans’ misery.  They truly have never heard nor understood the words of wisdom that our 1st commander in Chief said in 1789.

TVet does not ask for OPM donations. Team Veteran donations are from OUR profits. Watch this video about what these other outfits have done.

84 percent Veteran donation KNAS news story Nov 2014 sample

See the long list of abused Veteran charities in the full story here:
84% of donations never reach veterans – Veterans charities never see millions raised for veterans
Donation deception: millions of donated dollars never make it to veterans


UPDATE [11 March 2016] about a well-known [due to their spending donations on marketing $$] Veteran organization that raises their own donations:

“Wounded Warrior Project aims to empower wounded veterans, but a recent exposé revealed that the charity spent nearly half of its funding empowering its executives instead. The board of directors responded by beginning to clean house, starting at the top.”

“Wounded Warrior Project has raised more than a billion dollars in donations since 2003, according to CBS News. Donors might expect their money would be used “to honor and empower Wounded Warriors,” as the nonprofit’s mission states. However, CBS revealed the charity spends between 40 to 50 percent of their money on overhead – while other veterans’ charities spend an average of 10 to 15 percent on the same expenses.”  WWP was exposed.

We note that Wounded Warrior Project is a chartered non-profit for Post-911 only, per their site.  WWP used the term Vietnam in their marketing campaigns to raise donations.  WWP used “Vietnam” in their ads because they knew Vietnam Veterans had been screwed and WWP was using Vietnam for “sympathy donations”. So they stole millions of dollars meant for Vietnam Veterans and NEVER helped Vietnam Veterans because of their charter for Post 9/11 ONLY, they don’t support Vietnam Veterans.


Remember, Team Veteran does not raise or ask for donations for charities, we create sustainable funding for vetted-charities.

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